Eddie Only

After years of playing musical comedy shows around the world with different groups, the last 10 years Eddie has put together several comical and musical solo performances, directed by Mark Kingsford.

The Great Escape

Being the last living descendant of the famous Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb and the gramophone, Eddie “Only” Edison takes over where his great-great-grandfather left off. He decides to become an inventor himself. And today, for the first time, he’ll show us a few of his inventions.
But pretty soon it’s obvious: Eddie wants the impossible… Eddie wants to fly! And that’s not going to work…
Or is it…?

So get ready for an abundance of danger, intelect, slapstick, illusion, science, interaction, hope, love, euforia, comedy and more… In Eddie’s latest show:
“The Great Escape”

The show takes about 25 minutes. Clear and level surface suitable and flat enough to wheel around upon at street level. No ceiling !!! (Not even a very high one.) General lighting of the whole area (6m*6m) in case it’s dark outside.




Eddie tries to find a way to perform a few new songs. He has got himself this quite incredible mobile stage to support his solo performance, but unfortunately somehow he has great difficulty in putting this thing up. During the show Eddie struggles with the equipment, serenades his lovely assistant, breaks his favourite ukulele, finds a way to perform some heartbreaking songs anyway, and finally in the end… just… barely… succeeds in reaching the amazing Grand Finale.

ZIGZAG is a show filled with music, slapstick, singing, intimacy, foolery, tragedy and comedy.

Suitable for street performances and theatres.

The show takes 25 to 40 minutes, requires 4 meters height and a flat performance area of at least 5 x 7 meters, preferably at street level. Eddie brings his own wireless mics and amp, but for bigger crowds (>150) and on bigger stages he will be needing a PA system.



Photo Albums

The Great Escape:



The Great Escape:  

Coming very soon. Watch this space!



“…it’s a miracle he doesn’t hurt himself…”
(Review in Weser Kurier, Bremen DE)

“…Some of the audience favourites turned out to be the inimitable one man show of ‘Eddie Only’…”
“…succeeded in attracting more than a thousand spectators every performance…”
(Official FriesStraatFestival website, Leeuwarden NL)

“…the children (as well as the grown up children) kept asking for more…” (L’Express, Neuchâtel CH)

“…Eddie Only and ZIGZAG scored extremely well…”, “…Amazing, all the things you can do with a ladder!!!…” (Review in Haarlems Weekblad NL)

“…large crowds watched the show in amazement…”
“…ended up in the most tricky situations…”
(Review in Regio Actueel, Bergen op Zoom NL)

“…Eddie bombarded the audience with absurdities.
The more he hurt himself, the louder they laughed…”
(Review on Nijkerkerveen website)

“… Eddie Only ruined quite a few ukuleles before he got to the singing…” (Review in De Stem)

“…Brilliant…” (Comment on YouTube)


Upcoming shows:

07-01-2018 NL Eindhoven, confirmed, KL
20-01-2018 NL Geldrop, evening, confirmed, KL
27-01-2018 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
02-02-2018 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, EE
24-02-2018 NL Eindhoven, confirmed, KL
24-02-2018 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
11-03-2018 NL Tegelen, st-ART Festival, confirmed, GE
17-03-2018 NL Eindhoven, confirmed, KL
19-03-2018 NL Doorn, confirmed, LB
31-03-2018 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
13-04-2018 NL Tilburg, confirmed, KL
14-04-2018 NL Eindhoven, evening, confirmed, WM
27-04-2018 NL Bussum, confirmed, LB
28-04-2018 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
05-05-2018 NL Best, confirmed, KL
06-05-2018 NL Ede, confirmed, LB
19-05-2018 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, EE
20-05-2018 NL Den Bosch, confirmed, KL
26-05-2018 NL Leeuwarden, confirmed, EE
26-05-2018 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
27-05-2018 BE Meeuwen-Gruitrode, confirmed, GE
31-05-2018 NL Kerkrade, confirmed, KK
15-06-2018 NL Vorden, Mañana Mañana, confirmed, EE
16-06-2018 NL Vorden, Mañana Mañana, confirmed, EE
17-06-2018 NL Vorden, Mañana Mañana, confirmed, EE
30-06-2018 NL Arnhem, confirmed, EE
30-06-2018 NL Nijmegen, evening, option, MN
06-07-2018 NL Achterveld, option, LB
07-07-2018 NL Nes, Madnes, confirmed, EE
08-07-2018 NL Nes, Madnes, confirmed, EE
02-08-2018 NL, option, GE
24-08-2018 NL Apeldoorn, option, LB
25-08-2018 NL Arnhem, option, MN
31-08-2018 NL Arnhem, option, EE
02-09-2018 NL Geffen, confirmed, GE
09-09-2018 NL Mesch, confirmed, GF
16-09-2018 NL Hoogland, option, LB
22-09-2018 NL Amsterdam, option, GE
29-09-2018 NL Arnhem, option, MN
20-10-2018 NL, option, KL
27-10-2018 NL Amersfoort, option, LB
17-11-2018 DE Dortmund, option, KL

(Updated 13-06-2018)

GE = The Great Escape, MN = Didier Mais Non!,
ZD = ZIGZAG/Doorway Cabaret Combi,
EE = Esk-esque, KL = Kalishnikovs

Past shows:

—— 2017 ——
24-12-2017 NL Enkhuizen, confirmed, GF
23-12-2017 NL Roermond, confirmed, GF
17-12-2017 NL Brunssum, confirmed, GF
16-12-2017 NL Leusden, confirmed, GF
09-12-2017 BE Antwerpen, confirmed, KL
25-11-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
19-11-2017 NL Eindhoven, confirmed, EE
18-11-2017 NL Nijmegen, evening, confirmed, KL
05-11-2017 BE Genk, confirmed, GF
04-11-2017 BE Genk, confirmed, GF
02-11-2017 NL Emmen, confirmed, FO
01-11-2017 NL Enschede, confirmed, FO
29-10-2017 NL Helmond, confirmed, EE
28-10-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
26-10-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, EE
24-10-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, EE
21-10-2017 NL Valkenswaard, evening, confirmed, KL
08-10-2017 NL Hilvarenbeek, confirmed, EE
01-10-2017 NL Rotterdam, confirmed, KL
30-09-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
21-09-2017 NL Eindhoven, evening, confirmed, KL
17-09-2017 NL Nieuwe Niedorp, confirmed, GF
10-09-2017 NL Nijverdal, confirmed, GF
09-09-2017 NL Vrieschelo, confirmed, GF
08-09-2017 NL Arnhem, confirmed, MN
02-09-2017 NL Aalten, evening, confirmed, EE
27-08-2017 NL Arnhem, confirmed, MN
19-08-2017 NL Wageningen, evening, confirmed, GE
18-08-2017 NL Joure, confirmed, GF
17-08-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, EE
21-07-2017 DE Löhne, confirmed, GE
20-07-2017 DE Mühlheim, confirmed, GE
19-07-2017 DE Osnabrück, confirmed, GE
18-07-2017 DE Bremen, confirmed, GE
01-07-2017 DE Dinslaken, confirmed, ZZ
25-06-2017 NL Hengelo, confirmed, GE
24-06-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, MN
10-06-2017 NL Ulft, evening, confirmed, EE
03-06-2017 NL Maarheeze, evening, confirmed, KL
29-05-2017 NL Breda, evening, confirmed, KL
27-05-2017 NL Gorinchem, evening, confirmed, EE
26-05-2017 NL Arnhem, H80, evening, confirmed, EE
25-05-2017 NL Arnhem, H80, evening, confirmed, EE
25-05-2017 NL Heeg, confirmed, GE
21-05-2017 NL Eindhoven, confirmed, KL
05-05-2017 NL Papendal, evening, confirmed, EE
27-04-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, EE
23-04-2017 NL Eindhoven, confirmed, KL
07-04-2017 NL Privé, evening, confirmed, EE
01-04-2017 NL Arnhem, evening, confirmed, EE
12-03-2017 NL Tegelen, st-ART Festival, confirmed, GE
11-03-2017 NL Arnhem, Donnerwetterday, confirmed, EE
28-01-2017 NL Assen, evening, confirmed, EE
25-01-2017 DE Freiburg, Internationale Kulturbörse, confirmed, GE
24-01-2017 DE Freiburg, Internationale Kulturbörse, confirmed, GE
23-01-2017 DE Freiburg, Internationale Kulturbörse, confirmed, GE
22-01-2017 DE Freiburg, Internationale Kulturbörse, confirmed, GE
21-01-2017 DE Freiburg, evening, confirmed, MN Continue reading “Calendar”


Just a few past highlights (2008-2016)

Adelaide, Adelaide Fringe, AU | Amsterdam, Noorderparkfestival, NL (several years) | Barntrup, Barntruper Stadtfest, DE | Beek, ProCult, NL (several years) | Bern, Buskers Bern, CH | Boekel, BoeCult, NL (several years) | Bolsward, Bolstjurrich Straatfestival, NL (several years) | Bramsche, Bramscher Rot, DE | Bredene, Theater Boulevard, BE | Bremen, Off-Road-Sommernacht, DE | Delft, Mooi Weer Spelen, NL | Esens, Kleinkunstfestival, DE | Fermo, Open-Street, IT | Franeker, Franeker Fratsen, NL (several years) | Genk, Straattheaterfestival Bokrijk, BE | Geluwe, Gapersfeesten, BE | Groede, Groede Festival, NL | Heeg, Heechspanning, NL | Leeuwarden, Fries Straatfestival, NL (several years) | Leiden, Leidens Ontzet, NL (several years) | Menen, Salto, BE | Meppel, Donderdag Meppeldag, NL (several years) | Mijdrecht, De Ronde Venen, NL (several years) | Milano, Open-Street, IT | Mühlheim, Off-Road-Sommernacht, DE | Nes Ameland, Roggefeest, NL | Neuchâtel, Plateau Libre Buskers Festival, CH | Nijverdal, Straatmakend Nijverdal, NL | Oostende, Fuzee, BE | Osnabrück, Off-Road-Sommernacht, DE | Oss, Fantastival, NL | Ovezande, Klomppop, NL | Paderborn, Performance am Sonntag, DE | Perth, Fringe World Festival, AU | Porsgrunn, PIT-Street of Fools, NO | Roelofarendsveen, Uitkaik, NL | Rostock, Kultur aus dem Hut, DE | Sarmede, Le Fiere del Teatro, IT | Sevenum, Serumse Fiste, NL | Thun, Thuner Gauklerfestival, CH | Tielt, Europafeesten, BE | Valença, Sai prà rua, PT | Veldhoven, Cult en Tumult, NL (several years) | Vlissingen, Onderstroom, NL (several years) | Winschoten, Waterbei/Adrillen , NL (several years) | Wortegem, Wortegemse Feesten, BE
and many many more



Totaal Theater
+31 73 648 05 98

All other enquiries:

Menno Romers
+31 6 246 404 29

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Special thanks to:
Director: Mark Kingsford
Bookings: Marc, Marian and Luc (Totaal Theater)
Pictures: Natasha Beijer (Btwee), Hannie Elgersma, Anita Meis, Jan Sjoerd Geertsma, Gretel Vaesen and Stephanie van Seventer
Translations: Carolien Romers, Dorine Arts, Elise Steilberg, Gabriele Koch and Laurence Bilger